Friday, April 27, 2012

Heresy Era World Eaters - Battle Company Captain painted

Next model done - The Captain of the 7th Cohort, 3rd (Battle) Company. There's a half dozen old metal armor marks banging around in the Closet of Doom, so while I wait for the FW order to arrive I thought I'd do another test model.

I'm finding that not only is White difficult to paint, it's also somewhat difficult to photograph. My usual tricks for white balancing the pictures seem to blow out the whites on the miniatures, so still some experimentation to go there. Tried out a little sponge weathering here and there, though he didn't get any blood spatter as yet. I'm holding off for now on this one - at the moment I'm only planning to do that on the chain weapons in the army.

Need to go a bit more extreme on the highlights on the infantry I think, going to be trying a tone darker with the grey washes used to lowlight the armor and see if that helps. So far so good, though!


  1. Looks like you are having trouble with the whites! The problem I always have with painting white is that you can't highlight it! This means that for white I usually end up painting a different colour and then highlighting it with white. Of course, it means that I don't have a "pure" white... If you don't want to head down that route then you'll have to do a more extreme shading to the armour...

  2. Indeed - This is the first time I've used non-black primers, and my instincts are all wrong. I've gone back and given him a heavier wash and some new highlights, and that has definitely helped. The next test model will get just a grey primer (similar to your Halfords post) and I'll highlight up from there with some light greys, leaving the white for just the most extreme highlight. The white primer works well for the vehicles, but I think it may be overkill for the infantry.

  3. I agree, I think you need some stronger shadows in the the white armour as it tends to flatten out.

    The flat white armour makes the battle damage look wrong too. Get the white armour sorted and you'll pull the rest of the model together.

    Ron, FTW