Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Heresy Era World Eaters - Land Raiders painting in progress, part 2

A little more forward motion on the Heresy-era World Eaters Land Raiders - got all the metal areas blacked in, the Boltgun metal applied and a nice black wash over it, bringing the color down to a nice dark iron look.

I also started working on the weathering here and there, mostly on the lower/leading edges of the armor where the paint would logically be rubbed away. Definitely kept it a bit more subdued than I did on the Contemptor earlier, and I'm thinking this may have been too much in the other direction. In looking at the pics I realized I have yet to go in and clean up the transition areas between white and blue as well... Gotta get on that.

Based on Rictus' suggestion, I went with painting the inner hull on the second Land Raider in blue, leaving just the outside hull section in white, which I think worked pretty well. Unfortunately the blue I used went on a little patchy over the white undercoat, so I need to go in and smooth that out a bit here and there as well.

Lastly I went in and started adding in some of the iconography and numbers to the tanks. The "7" for the 7th Company, and the World Eaters symbol on the side doors. Definitely getting the hang of painting the symbol now, and I'm fairly pleased with how they are turning out. At this size I think I need to go in and add a bit more highlighting to the continents...


  1. Be careful, listening to me can only end with trouble...

    ...however they are looking good.