Sunday, April 22, 2012

And the winner is...

Just got back from a nice getaway weekend, and I was floored by all the kind words upon my return - I really appreciate it, everyone! It's humbling (and a little scary) to know that all of you are out there enjoying the decent into madness that is my hobby! Thank you all once again for all the support and feedback you've given over the years!

That said, before I call it a night I broke out a set of polyhedral random number generators, consulted the Emperor's Tarot and the Storm Raven goes to...

Tristan M! 

Tristan, I wasn't able to find a contact email on your profile, so please contact me at moonlight (at) and we'll get you sorted out!

I have some more World Eaters coming your way in the next day or two - stay tuned!