Friday, April 6, 2012

Terrain project - Command trench

While waiting for parts and pieces to arrive for the World Eaters, I switched gears and knocked out a piece of terrain that's been lurking unpainted in the Closet of Doom for some time.

A while back I'd run across an alternate resin titan head that was rather reminiscent of the new epic Warlord, and since it was relatively inexpensive I'd picked up a couple of them. The small trench-works terrain piece has been sitting unused for about the same amount of time, so it only made sense to combine the two. I was envisioning the head being used as a command post, and the trenches were built up around it after the loss of the titan.

Went with a green color scheme for the titan as that seems to be the default color that GW paints them, and the trench works were done in a series of various browns, boltgun metal and black and brown washes. A couple tufts of static grass here and there and job done!

...Not that I really needed more terrain, but heck, it was there and needed to be painted!


  1. wow, nice looking terrain piece

  2. This is clearly the center piece for a narrative battle, 'The Battle of Titans-Head', I leave it to you to come up with the story.

  3. I'm put in mind of the 'Titan's Fall' map on Dawn of War if anyone's seen that ... a perfect centrepiece, and very expertly put together!

  4. Nice! I especially like the paint job on the eyes of the titan head. I always have trouble getting reflective surfaces to turn out so it's always a treat to see someone pull it off so well.

    Krisken of Scratchbuilt 40k

  5. Thanks very much, folks!

    @Chris - Indeed, I do like doing narrative games, this may be just the piece to form the next one around!

    @Colonel_Scipio - Absolutely, now if I could just find that enormous 6-barreled mega cannon...

    @Krisken - I appreciate it! I find that really it's the little white specular dot at the end that really sells it. You can do all the blending in the world, but without that little white dot it never looks quite right.

    Cheers all!