Saturday, April 28, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new?

Unfortunately the Thousand Sons didn't sell as a complete army, which isn't totally surprising - it's tough to drop the cash for an entire army all at once. That said, I've broken the army up into individual units and some small lots (that logically fit together in their own battlefoam trays).

On other Heresy-era fronts, I worked on a couple test bits for the World Eater Terminators - the torsos are still winging their way from Russia, but the legs and arms will be coming from the loyalist Assault Terminator kit. I'm going to be utilizing only the legs with the full greave (as opposed to the ones with the separate knee pad), and adding some rivets that I picked up from the Tichy Train Group to the left legs. I picked up an assortment of different sizes - These are .050" diameter, and seem to be just about the right scale for infantry models.

I'm also planning to have the Terminators armed with big Chain Axes which will be counts-as Lightning Claws (it looks like could force a failed to-wound re-roll!). The regular troopers will have the singe axehead style, while the sergeant will get the double bladed version to help him stand out in the unit.

Another set of models originally built for the Thousand Sons has been re-purposed for the World Eaters, in the form of the Dreadclaw-inspired Drop Pods. I cleaned them up and gave them a re-primer and started blocking in the colors on the first of two:

Unlike the previous Land Raiders (on which I had some fairly patchy results), I'm going to re-basecoat anything that is going to be blue with black first rather than painting the blue directly onto the white. The Drop Pods are also going to have a fair bit of weathering done to them, going to try out some of the heat scorching ideas I've gleaned from around the blogosphere. Should be fun!


  1. Everything about this project is going to be awesome! I really love the fine attention to detail modelling that you do, it's always a joy to read!

  2. Are those the forgeworld khornate chain-axe conversion kits? I always wondered what people were supposed to do with those. They do make for some rather nasty looking conversions.