Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First game of 2013!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Years! It was quite nice to have a day off yesterday, and my friend Dave and I got in a game of 40k. I didn't do a full battle report, but did snap a few pics here and there throughout the game. I wanted to try out a new 1850 variant I'm considering for Adepticon, and Dave ran his ever-frightening Blood Angel assault list.

As a break from my usual heavy downtown urban themed table I went with a small starport sort of thing. I'd picked up a spaceship-looking kitbash model off of eBay recently and wanted to put it on the table to see if it would work. It's a little large and blocked a bit too much of the line of sight across the table, so it'll probably get regulated to Necromunda terrain.

We ended up playing lengthwise across the table, which theoretically sounds good for my gunline guard, but as usual the marines were in their faces almost immediately.

The Blood Angel's Stormraven and the Mordian 7th's Vendetta circled the table (and each other) merrily gunning down the troops and tanks below.

The game itself was thoroughly bloody. By the end of turn three most of the guard and most of the blood angels had been removed as casualties. Tanks exploding left and right, surprising see-sawing of control of the backfield, and some surprisingly deadly dangerous terrain made for quite the entertaining game.

The Stormraven's lascannon and multi-melta armament put paid to a number of the Leman Russ variants. The Executioner (now just a smoking crater in the above pic) did a surprising amount of damage to the Blood Angels over the course of the game. Then it exploded.

The Blood Angels went through the guardsmen like a buzzsaw through butter, but the fleeing remnants managed a last-ditch rally and wiped out all but two of the rampaging assault marines.

We called it at the end of turn 5, when all was said and done the guard had four models on the table, and the Blood Angels were similarly mauled. All in all it was a rather fun game, and a good way to ring in 2013!


  1. Looks Like Fun times! Really good find with that spaceship thing. Looks awesome on the table.

  2. I agree, that kitbash spaceship was a pretty good find. I'd been thinking about making something similar for my table, although I'd have nowhere to store the thing. Love the pic of the Mordian Vendetta facing down Razor, too.

    (Funny you should mention Necromunda; I played it for the first time this year and had a blast!)

  3. Looks like a thoroughly enjoyable time sir. I like that ship lots - would be good to use in one of those enormous apoc games played on the floor.

  4. Good times were had all around!

    @The Eye Of Error: I do enjoy trawling through eBay for odd conversions and kitbashes for inspiration (and the occasional terrain piece)!

    @#2501: Indeed, storage is proving problematic. Necromunda is hands down my favorite way to play 40k. It's so much fun! I'm bummed that GW has more or less stopped supporting it, but am holding out hope that it'll make a reappearance ala Dreadfleet (Man'o'war) and Space Hulk at some point in the future!

    @Dai: Indeed! It's so big it overwhelmed a 6x4 table, but on an Apocalypse sized table it'll be great!

  5. You know, that space ship would make a great objective for a "King of the Hill" type scenario. You could even sketch out some floorplans to 28mm scale and have fighting going on onboard the ship.

  6. Really nice-looking game there! Sounds like a lot of fun, and you managed to beat me into the first game of 2013 :) as for terrain, I quite like the look of that spaceship. Me and Headologist play quite realistic games were we can (as far as the setting allows) so big inconvinent bits of terrain in the middle of the board are quite common. Even if it means my guard always get killed.

  7. @Lead Legion - That's a cool idea, I like it!

    @Colonel Scipio - Definitely good fun was had! I dunno if it's the terrain that does for 'em per se, my guard always seem to be killed regardless of the table setup. Heh!

    Cheers, folks!

  8. Looks like a great game, and as per Scipio's comment, my Marines usually end up similarly bloodied whatever the set up