Sunday, May 12, 2013

Adeptus Mechanicus - Dabbling in Dark Mechanicus

Well it's been a crazy week, lots of long hours at work (though still getting laid off, figure that out), and spending a good deal of time getting some tunes recorded with the band hasn't left a great deal of hobby time. However, since I had the red paint out for the Prometheus I figured I'd get some colors blocked in on another ad-mech model that has been lurking on the shelf for years.

This is a "Mantis Tank", another awesome model from Blight Wheel Miniatures (same folks who made the Knight), which I'm thinking is probably a bit more suited to the Dark Mechanicus sect festering in the midst of my loyalist Ad-Mech. After all, I have an Urtzi Malevolus model in the army, so I'm more or less destined to have some creepy-crawlies!

Not entirely sure what/how I'm going to run it on the table-top. My recent thought has been to try and build the army such that it can be used as a Necron/CSM counts-as army in which case, this will likely be run as a counts-as Defiler. It's certainly big enough - the base that it's on is one of the large flying bases!

Definitely a creepy model, and I'm definitely looking forward to doing some more work on it. I got a wild hair to work on the guard Leviathan Command Carrier again as well, so there will be some pics of that coming up soon too!


  1. Very nice work as ever - I'd hate to have to deal with on of those monsters! Always like anything like that, mechanical articulated spider legs

  2. Looking great. I never realised that blight wheel mini was so big! I thought they were a sentinel / stalk tank size.
    Ramshackle games has recently released a 'drone walker' that fits in with the arachnid theme and looks ripe for conversion potential.

  3. Looking good. Fits the Dark Mechaniucs perfectly.

  4. @Colonel Scipio: Indeed! It fits in well with my skittery-spidery ad-mech!

    @Phil Morris: Aye, it's surprisingly large. I'll get some scale pics with an infantry guy soon. I'll have to check out the Ramshackle games stuff - I've loved everything I've ordered them over the years!

    @Rictus: Thanks! It's definitely a bit evil-looking!

  5. I was just working on mine yesterday and balked at getting all those legs on and in the right positions. How did you make sure your legs fit the base and were level?

  6. @Rabidchild: Nice! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Leveling the legs was a lengthy process. I started by pinning the 'upper legs' to the torso at what I figured was reasonable angles, then drilled pins into the lower leg sections and sort of dry-fit them in place using a bit of paint on the tip of the pin in the socket to mark out where I needed to drill out the ball joint sockets. Lots of trial and error, I'm afraid! I definitely pinned the heck out of it for stability purposes...

  7. The Mechanic us fascinate me as well. Great model.

  8. Beauty! Been wanting one of those for ever.

  9. Gorgeous, just gorgeous.

    If you want to run it as Necrons as well, the only thing I can imagine it would fit with is the Doomsday Ark as its probably about the same size, and has a mighty cannon on its back. Would work well in that role I think.

    Definitely keep us updated on this one, its such a fantastic model.

  10. Always liked that sculpt since it was first previewed, yet couldn't find a use for it in my projects. Very nice colouring thus far though.

    The prospect of more work on the Leviathan makes me happy as I love how it's shaping up thus far.

  11. Looking good! I fancy getting another one and building it as intended, rather than doing another proper Mantis stance one. Anyway sorry to hear about you being laid off, that's a real crappy blow! Glad you are recording more stuff though, been listening to Waspers a fair bit lately! :)

  12. Thanks folks!

    @John Lambshead: Indeed - they are by far my favorite aspect of the 40k universe!

    @Manus: I would love to see what you'd do with one!

    @Andy - bG: Interesting! Hadn't looked at that unit entry, I'll check it out! It's been a fun model to build and paint so far, more to come soon!

    @Dai: I snapped some pics of the Leviathan over lunch today, I'll get a post up about the updates to it shortly!

    @Sir Tainly: Nice! Still hoping they'll change their mind an keep me on at the company but planning for the worst at the moment. Glad you dig the tunes!

  13. My thanks, I was afraid it would be as bad as all that. I've picked up a flight base so I suppose I should get to pinning!