Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Imperial Guard - A bit more detail work on the Leviathan

I'll admit I have a penchant for starting up projects that usually prove to be a bit beyond my hobby capabilities. Still, I figure that's how one grows as a hobbyist, gotta push the boundaries! A while back I kicked off a project to build a Leviathan Command Carrier for my guard, and after putting in a fair bit of work, I really felt it went all Top Gear on me: "Ambitious, but rubbish". It went into a box in the Closet of Doom while I worked on other things, but it's been eyeballing me recently so I pulled it off the shelf and busted out the plasticard and bits boxes.

When I left off the main structure had been glued up and rather ham-fistedly gap filled. It looked okay from a distance, but was pretty rough around the edges. That being the case, I cut up some thin plasticard to cover up some of the worst of the joins, and started adding in a bit more detail greebles here and there.

It's getting a little better now, the addition of some lights, doors and cabling gives the sides and track sections a bit more visual interest, and the bars along the upper front sections will end up holding banners to break up the large flat sections there. I'm concerned about the painting process at this point. The tanks of the 7th are predominantly black with red highlight panels, but I'm thinking that may not look good at this scale. I suppose I could try a reversal of the scheme and go predominantly red with black trim? Or maybe just finish the build, primer it all black and try to sell the darn thing - let someone else worry about how to paint it! Hah!


  1. okay. Her's what i would do. Get a couple of the cheapest can of spray paint i could find in the closest colors to what i wanted and then use them to basecoat and highlight the monster. After that you could pick out the details in whatever way you like and it;s basically done. I might even get a cheap tub of craft paint or maybe some returned custom paint at the home depot that was a close color to what i wanted to make a watered down wash with. That's how I did an entire table of cityfight terrain for about $20!!!

  2. Good call on the spray basecoat/highlight! I definitely wasn't looking forward to trying to paint the beast with my brushes. ...Maybe after I get a 4" house painting brush. Hah! I have to buy some more primer soon anyway - worth looking for some cheap-as-chips craft paint for the big blocks of color!

  3. Looking good. I would keep the main tank color black, but maybe use some painters tape to mask off a section, or a stripe on the side and paint that red.

    Just a few red sections for pop but keeping the darkness.

  4. Thanks folks!

    @The Eye Of Error: Good call! I was planning on doing the cog-pattern sections on the track housings and upper side window mounts in red, but a stripe of some variety may be just what it needs. Great idea!

    @Stephen: I appreciate it!

  5. Mord, you can't sell this! It is coming along really well. If at times you lose some enthusiasm for it, that's cool, just give it some space. To stop getting overwhelmed by it just tackle small bits at a time without thinking about everything that you want to do with it.
    this is an amazing project and even at this point it is a great achievement.

  6. @Col. Ackland: Indeed, to be fair I can't really sell it - it's so big and heavy it would be ridiculous to ship anywhere! I do plan on continuing to chip away at it, more to come!