Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Eldar - Fire Dragons painted

Had a quiet evening for a change and pressed on with the Fire Dragons. The final results are interesting, but definitely have a significantly different 'feel' compared to my usual methods. Not saying I dislike how they turned out, it's just that the use of so many washes (instead of drybrushing) ends up with rather different results than what I'm used to. I think the 'washes over white' works quite for the Eldar sculpts, but may not necessarily translate over to the guard models.

Regardless, they definitely are bright and colorful! Pretty pleased with the yellow and orangeish/red combo, they're definitely more yellow than the 'standard' scheme as presented in the codex. I went with the purple tassels and helmet crest similar to what IDICBeer did on his Fire Dragons, and on a lark added in a further blue spot color for the various power tubing.

The yellow is definitely prevalent on the rear of the models, and I'm quite happy with that! It was fun to bang out a quick small unit like this, always nice to be able to dabble with some other paint schemes when you get tired of the same old, same old!


  1. Nice! These guys look great. the yellow/orange armor came out well.

    They look ready to fire it up!

  2. outstanding! I like the yellow underarmour, I never thought of doing that myself! Very good work.

  3. After your last post and seeing them here, I must go out and get more of those washes! I love how bright these guys have turned out.

  4. Wow. Really, really nice paintjob there! Very impressive, I really want to try this method out on something but I've only got Guardsmen. Might buy an odd Eldar model.

  5. They look nice and crisp. I agree that the yellow and red make for a nice combination. I am however not as sure about the blue power cables, they do not look like they belong. I also agree that the use of washes instead of drybrushing gives a gite different feel and look to the model. I think I still prefer drybrushing as it gives more texture to the model and hence give the surface a more realistic look. If I had more time and if I where not such a fan of the Imperium/ex imperium and all its armies I would also be tempted to try my hand at the Eldar as the have such lovely models.

  6. These have come up great. The colours are nice and bright and really 'pop' (love that word). I think the use of blue also is great - subtle, but still there. Looking forward to see your Scorpions.

  7. @The Eye of Error: Thanks! I'm quite looking forward to trying them out on the table!

    @agemmanjw: I appreciate it! Wanted to try something a little different from the norm, pretty happy with the final color breakdown.

    @Col. Ackland: I was pretty happy with the casandora yellow wash, this was the first time I'd tried it. Over a white wash it turns out really nice - it goes from a bright yellow on the surface areas down to orange pretty quickly in the crevices. Definitely will be doing some more experimenting with it in the future!

    @Colonel Scipio: Hah! That's how it starts - "oh just a unit to paint for fun", then suddenly there's 3000 points of 'em! :)

    @Agis: Indeed, not totally sold on the blue, in retrospect I think green may have been a better choice. I'm a big drybrushing fan as well, definitely my go-to method. It was fun to try out some different techniques though!

    @Frothing Muppet: I appreciate it! Scorpions are inbound soon - did a little more on them last night as well, but nothing worth photographing yet...

    Cheers all!

  8. Very vibrant scheme. I like it.

    Much prefer it to the typical orange that is prelevent and the accent colours are perfect.

  9. These are absolutely superb, and this approach definitely works for Eldar. They look aptly flamey, which I'm pretty sure isn't a word but it seems suitable.

  10. Very cool man ,. now you are ready to melt some face! The fire dragon, "The light that burns twice as bright burns for half as long - and you have burned so very, very brightly" .. what I think after they have completed their mission and then get crushed haha

  11. @Dai: Thanks very much!

    @Headologist: I appreciate it! The 'wash over white' technique does seem to suit the eldar sculpts rather well. They are definitely flamey! :)

    @Todd Sherman: You betcha! I fully expect them to get one round of shooting off, then get massacred in every game I use them in! I love how you've done your Dire Avengers, I'm going to have to try and emulate those when it come time to give the boys in blue a turn on the painting table!