Monday, May 27, 2013

Eldar - A bit of spelunking in the Closet of Doom!

I was doing some reorganization in the Closet of Doom earlier this weekend, idly cursing GW under my breath for the upcoming Eldar release. I lucked out with the Tau release, as I wasn't particularly interested in the updated miniatures range but the Wraithknight and the plastic Wraithguard really got my attention. After working on the Prometheus, how can I resist building an Eldar Knight? In order to try and justify it to myself I dug up the box of Eldar I'd last dabbled with back in 2009.

I was actually surprised how much there was! In fact there's an FOC-viable army in the box (though it's anybody's guess whether it's a game-viable), consisting of a Farseer with a little Seer Council, an Autarch, a unit of Guardians, a trio of Aspect warrior squads, a couple Wave Serpents and a Wraithlord! A perfect core of a standalone army, and definitely a viable allied contingent for my guard. And even better, they were bought back before the finecast shenanigans, so a goodly amount of them are metal!

I thought it could be fun to work on a couple small aspect warriors as a change of pace, and to try out some new techniques. Since both the striking scorpions and fire dragons were primered white, I started off with a biel-tan green wash and a casandora yellow wash respectively, then figured I'd finish one unit off before working on the other. Fire dragons won the coin toss!

Thought I'd try a slightly different paint scheme than as is shown in the codex, with the plan being yellow helmet and bodysuit with reddish-orange armor plates. I started by giving the unit another dose of the wash to bring the yellow down another tone, then picked out the various armor plates in hot orange.

Once that was done I gave the orange sections a light all-over hit of carroburg crimson, let it dry then went back and hit up the creases again with another dose. Starting to come together!

After the was dried, the next stage was to go in and start picking out the weapons and equipment in black. Next up will be the gold details, then the helmet and spot colors. I think I'm going to follow IDICBeer's simply excellent example and go with purple for the tassels and crests, I really liked how his turned out!

At this point in the painting process it got too hot to be up in the hobby loft, so I was forced to abandon my post. However, it's supposed to be reasonably cool this upcoming week so I'm hoping to get these guys finished later this week!


  1. Oh that Damn closet. Itll get you every time :)

  2. A very impressive find - and the painting is excellent, a little different to your distinctive style but really nice still.

  3. The multiple washes over a white basecoat are really effective... looking forward to seeing the striking scorpions!

  4. That's a very nice colour scheme.

  5. @The Eye of Error: I'm constantly amazed at how much hobby stuff I've accumulated over the years. Digging around in the strata really is like gaming archaeology!

    @Stephen: Thanks!

    @Colonel Scipio: Aye, I'm trying a few new techniques on these guys. Not sure how it'll turn out, but it's been fun so far!

    @Phil Morris: Indeed, I was surprised at how much I liked how they're turning out so far. First time trying the multi-wash thing...

    @John Lambshead: Thanks! Wanted to try something a little different from the 'codex' scheme but still keep with the overall color palatte. So far so good!

    Cheers all!

  6. Filthy space elveses....

    (Nice start on the painting sir.)

  7. @Dai: Hah! Indeed, I feel a little dirty working on the poncy, pointy-eared gits! :)