Saturday, May 4, 2013

Adeptus Mechanicus - Prometheus Knight Titan size comparison

A couple people have asked for a size comparison shot of the Prometheus so I snapped a quick pic before heading out for the day's festivities (It being Star Wars day I'm off to try out the new X-Wing game by FFG). May the 4th be with you!

From base to the top of the carapace, the Prometheus stands just shy of 7", and is 8" to the top of the exhaust stacks. It's slightly larger than the older Knights BigDaddy has done, but still well within the same scale. It's also a bit more heavily armored which gives it quite a bit more mass. They tower over the basic troopers, but aren't nearly as massive as the Dreamforge Leviathan (which I'll be using as a counts-as Warhound, I think).

In other news, this marks my 350th post. Crazy!


  1. Theys like twinz they iz! Pretty impressive.

  2. Thanks! Now I know I need some to go with his old style.

  3. They do look great next to eachother!

  4. Excellent stuff and well done on 350th! It's been a good read so far... long may you churn out more goodies!