Thursday, May 30, 2013

Eldar - Striking Scorpions in progress

It's been reasonably temperate of late which has meant it's not a sauna up in the hobby loft and I've been taking advantage - managed to get a little more work done laying in the base colors for the Striking Scorpions! I have to say it's been really fun to work on small units like this as opposed to my usual 20-or-30-at-a-time batch painting madness - especially since, although the models are all from the same unit, they're all much more unique sculpt-wise than the bog-standard imperial guardsman.

I'm going with more of a traditional color scheme with the scorpions, though much like the fire dragons they're getting the lighter colored bodysuit and darker armor plates look, all in shades of green this time. Started off with a Biel-Tan green wash over white primer, then I picked out the various armor plates in Snot Green, followed by a further green wash over just the armor plates. I also started adding in the yellow stripes on the various armor bits, the facemasks and the Exarch's power claw.

I'm thinking that gold-plated weapons for these guys should set off against the green pretty well, though I'm open to suggestions. These models also have a lot more going on than the fire dragons as far as extra kit goes, there are quite a few pouches, grenades and suchlike on each model so there will be room to add in some other spot colors here and there. So far, so good!


  1. The yellow and green work fantastically togethre - even at this stage.

    With your pouches, I'd imagine a lighter shade of brown would work better than a darker one.

  2. I think that you probably should go with yellow on the weapons rather then a metallic gold, unless you do some fancy NMM on them. If you want to break up the large fields you could always add some battle damage to the paint jobs on the blades. This would sort of tie in with the black and yellow stripes on the armor.

  3. Much better sculpts than the originals I used to own. (Yes, it's true, I had a brief mis-guided hobby daliance with some scorpions and harlequins.... O the shame.)

    Like where these are going.

  4. @Frothing Muppet: Thanks! Indeed, I'm thinking a light khaki color for the leather pouches and straps.

    @Agis: Not a bad idea! The yellow on the models themselves is pretty minimalist, so extending it out to the weapons could look cool. Thanks!

    @Dai: The horror! Aye, these are the newer variant scorpions which I do prefer to the original sculpts. I am quite happy they're in metal rather than finecast though!

    Cheers all!

  5. Cool, not too keen on the bases though :-)

  6. @Stephen: Hah! Yeah, they need a little work. :)