Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Adeptus Mechanicus - Prometheus Forge Knight painting in progress

Managed to get a little more paint on the Blight Wheel Miniatures knight over the last few days. I had a bit of an accident with it and fumbled the beast which resulted in a fair bit of damage. Luckily it was all reasonably clean breaks and I was able to put it back together and touch up the parts where the paint was screwed up. You can hardly tell I'm a clumsy oaf unless you specifically know what to look for!

Still quite a way to go, but more or less all of the major colors are blocked in and the shading has begun (need to decide on a color for the power fist and shoulder sections though, thinking white to match the other knights I've done). Still pondering how I'm going to work in the heraldry I've done on previous Knights, there aren't as many nice flat open spaces for that as there has been on the other versions. Still, overall I think this model has way more visual interest and detail!

A couple people asked about the scale of the mantis tank, so I snapped a quick pic for comparison. It's big!


  1. That knight really is an impressive kit. Lots of detail one doesn't notice until it gets some paint.

    Perhaps it doesn't have any big flat areas for heraldry, but you could easily consider the legguard one area, even if it's split up into sections with grooves and rivets.

    The Mantis really is big!!

  2. I had no idea that those things were that big !

  3. For some reason those spiders look smaller on the Blight Wheel site. They do have a definite weight to thm though. Are you going to be fielding it as Leman Russ, or a Defiler?

    I love the new Prometheus model, and yours is coming along nicely!

  4. Thanks folks!

    @Damn The Valley - I appreciate it! I think it'll tie in nicely with the rest of the knight household.

    @Manus - Aye, that's what I'm thinking at this point as well, the shin guards and shoulder pads all have a tripartite division that may work well for the heraldry. Got a little overzealous with the red, thinking they'll get a bit of a repaint here and there.

    @Zzzzzz - Aye, they're pretty monstrous!

    @#2501 - likewise, I was rather surprised once I started the build of the Mantis. I'm thinking Defiler at this point. I'm quite pleased with the Prometheus sculpt as well, it's been a blast to paint so far!

  5. Beautiful work sir, I do love Admech... that Mantis tank is huge!

  6. @Headologist - Thanks man! I was surprised how bit it was when it was put together, that's for sure!