Monday, April 18, 2016

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - On the home stretch with the infantry!

Was able to get an hour in after work this evening and finished up the leather and bone on the infantry, and laid down the initial brown color on the bases. I really find that cleaning up the base towards the end of the process really helps snap the models into focus.  Perhaps not literally with these quick progress pics, though!

Of course it is also at this stage that I start to discover all the little odds and bobs I'd missed on various models, a pouch here, a set of eye lenses there, and so on. Lots of going back and fixing little things. Nevertheless, quite close to the end with these chaps, then it's on to the pair of Rhinos for the Veterans and the Tac squad. Ever onwards!

In other news, the bases arrived for the NOVA Open 2016 Charity Ork Army that I have been asked to help with, so there's a whole mess of filthy Xenos charging down the painting table just as soon as these Thousand Sons are complete!


  1. Looking good! Your like a machine, you have done a months worth of painting in 3 days!

  2. F***.

    Sweet jeebus you are flying with that man, well played. Loving how all the little details are coming together on it. Very nice.

    Is it just the rhinos and then done?

  3. Given the speed at which you paint, what's your address? I'll mail ya one of my cases full of unpainted minis, lol.

  4. Looking absolutely stellar buddy!

  5. Pfft. Warp damned magic. Pretty, but still. I remain skeptical.

  6. @Bronislav Czevak: Hah! Was a pretty quiet weekend so I was able to get a lot more done than I usually do!

    @Rory Priest: Haha! Yup, once these are finished it's just a pair of Rhinos and we'll be set for the event!

    @Da Masta Cheef: Haha! Gotta keep them minis flying off the shelves. It's the only way to keep the Closet of Doom in check!

    @Greg Hess: Thanks very much!

    @Zab: The rumour that I may have sold my soul to Tzchar'zan'ek, Greater Daemon of Batch Painting is a complete fabrication... ;)

  7. As usual, I am flabbergasted at how swiftly you manage to kick out your work.

    And orkses? Or Orruks? Or Orcs? Or Orks? Have you painted space orks before and shown us here? This will be new to me at least I think.

  8. Thanks man! Yup, it's Orks (Orruks is a travesty!), and my favorite clan to boot - Bad Moons! It's been an age since I painted any Greenskins (I think it's been at least five years), so I'm quite looking forward to 'em!