Friday, January 1, 2010

2010, and the state of the hobby

Happy new year everyone - I'm looking forward to seeing what the hobby brings this year, as this past year has been surprisingly productive! Thanks to the awesome 40k blogging community it has been full of great blogs, each one chock full of amazing conversions, stunning paint jobs and helpful articles that have inspired me in innumerable ways. Thanks to all of you!

I'm not one for resolutions, but I figured I'd make an appraisal of where things stand and try and map out what needs to be done. As actually pulling out and organizing the miniatures is an enormous undertaking, I went through all the boxes and updated the painting charts. So here's what I'm planning on working on in the upcoming year:

Mordian 7th Regiment, D Company

Obviously, the glorious 7th is the main reason for the blog, and I'm planing on giving them plenty of brush time in 2010. After updating the chart I was pleased to see that I'm actually getting close to the finish line on the army, at least as far as recreating the original list goes (denoted with the blue unit headers). However there are a few things that I'm planning on doing to make the army more closely aligned to the original list, most noteably by replacing the veteran models with new grav-chute equipped models. I'll likely fold the old veteran models into the ad-mech army as Tech Guard.

Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator Force Chi Xi

I finally settled on what I figured would be the most appropriate name for the  Adeptus Mechanicus army. I actually made some headway into getting the Ad Mech painted this year, which I was happy about. I'm still holding out for the rumored plastic Storm trooper models to use as Hypaspists for the army, though in the short term I want to dabble in kit bashing some out of a mix of Cadian and High Elf parts, some plasticard and greenstuff. The Ordinatus Minoris is in the design sketches phase, following the purchase of some interesting looking toy track units from an old GI Joe toy. I figure before I take another crack at building the Leviathan I should start with something a bit less ambitious.

Craftworld Alaitoc Eldar

The Eldar are my secondary backup painting choice, which I'm keeping around for those times I need a break from the unrelenting grey and red of the Guard and Ad Mech. The squads are small (5-10), and nearly every unit has a rather different paint scheme, which means I can branch out a bit and do some (gasp) blues or greens for a change! It's having those kinds of fun side projects that helps me maintain my overall enthusiasm for the hobby when the army painter's fatigue rears its head.

Crimson Fists Assault Force

And finally (in both the list and my current painting queue), the Crimson Fists. I'll admit that at the moment I have zero interest in painting these marines, and they've been relegated to long term storage in the depths of the Closet of Doom. My intent was to use them as an assault force to complement the Mordian 7th, as well as be an homage to the original paint scheme I'd chosen for my first box of beakies back in the day... However, at nearly 6500 points, the Guard don't really need allies on the table. Hah!

I'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of the community comes up with over the next year - here's to a good 010/M3, everyone!


  1. Make sure you keep a fire extinguisher next to your paint station, your brushes are going to get hot with all that painting.

    Good luck with it.

  2. Hah! Oh, I don't mean to suggest that I'm going to COMPLETE all that this year, rather just what remains to be done.

    It has made me realize that in 2009 I definitely purchased more than I'd sold and I really need to build up the hobby fund in 2010. On the up side, there's not much on the upcoming 40k release schedule that is tempting me, much to the relief of my wallet!