Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Better call the exterminator, I think I have Termites - Part 1

Another package arrived in the mail today, from one of my favorite alternate sci-fi companies; Ramshackle Games. I've ordered a selection of models from them in the past and thus far every transaction has been a smooth and pleasant experience - not to mention being awesome sculpts and surprisingly clean casts. This package was full of transports for my growing Adeptus Mechanicus army:

A trio of "Boring Machines" that I'll be using for Termite Subterranean Transports, in game they function the same way as drop pods. I really like these models, with the addition of a little 40k detailing I think they'll work really well! They're about the same size as the old Armorcast Termites, and I personally think they have better detail. All in all I'm very pleased and I'm looking forward to painting them.

...If we get a break in the weather that is. More snow forecast for tomorrow. Sheesh.


  1. So now that Shredder can attack the turtles, when will you be building a Technodrome?


  2. Wicked spin on the drop pod. Love it, very fitting for your ad mech army.

  3. Wonderful models.
    I was not aware of this company.
    I shall peruse their site eagerly.

  4. Awesome models, a great find mate. I would love to see a size comparison, I think I'm going to have to pick some up for apocalypse games!

  5. I'll snap a picture with a figure for scale, but they're pretty good sized, about 5-6" from base to tip. Not quite as tall as a drop pod but the circumference is roughly similar.

    The best part about them is they cost 8 pounds/~16 dollars so they're rather economical compared to a drop pod!

  6. "So now that Shredder can attack the turtles, when will you be building a Technodrome?"

    And the winner is... Alan! I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read that comment, or it would've surely shot out my nose.

  7. Hah! Indeed - sounds like a terrain project for the Ad-Mech to me!

    ...Of course, that leads me to thinking about building an Archmagos in a large construct with a visible brain in the torso. Archmagos Krang has a nice ring to it, yes? :)