Wednesday, January 20, 2010

TOEMP #10 - Scoundrels and Wyrds... Part 2

More than halfway done with the tenth challenge for the Tale of Even More Painters at this point. I had a quiet evening yesterday to finish off Dunno's Deadeyes, a 5-man group of Ratling Snipers seconded to the Mordian 7th Regiment:

Fairly straightforward paint scheme, though they were rather fun to paint as they each have a lot of personality. I went with grey fatigues as they are an Elites choice (the veterans all wear grey fatigues and red armor), but since the Ratlings don't really wear armor, they ended up being a bit monochromatic. That works for me however, as the bright red armor would sort of stands at odds with the Ratlings sneaky nature.

Some folks asked for a scale shot of the Termites that I picked up from Ramshackle games, so I pulled out the Drop Pod and snapped a quick picture. It was nice enough outside over the weekend to get a mess of stuff primered, and I'm actually quite looking forward to painting the Termites, they should come together pretty quickly.

Four more models remain for this stage of the TOEMP challenge, three Psykers and the Commissar which I hope to finish off over the weekend. Once that's done, all the HQ and Elites for the Mordian 7th will be complete!


  1. Fantastic progress mate, I really like the snipers, and those termites are a very characterful set - that's something I never imagined I'd say about big drills! But yes indeed they certainly bring a nice twist to your force. See what I did there too:p

  2. Those termites really are the torque of the town.

  3. Oh man, those are terrible puns...

    ...Love 'em!

  4. Great work with the ratlings mate, and thanks very much for the scale shots. Come payday I think I'm going to have to pick some up myself!

  5. Yeah - I've been thinking about these all day. Where were they from again? And how much?

    Sorry to drill you.

  6. Har! I'll try not to get all spun up about it. ;)

    They're from Ramshackle games (the link in the post should direct right to the Boring machine models), and they're 8 pounds each (or about $15 for us Yanks), which is the deal of the century in my opinion!