Sunday, January 24, 2010

TOEMP #10 - Scoundrels and Wyrds... Complete!

A lazy Sunday afternoon doing laundry afforded me some time to finish off the last of the models for the 10th Tale Of Even More Painters challenge - the final two Psyker Battle Squad models, Sanctioned Psyker Morrin Dannel  and Commissar Lord Fidel Arden.

With these done, the Psyker Battle Squad is complete. In most games the PBS will be accompanied by the Sanctioned Psyker. As I read it, the fact that he is part of the squad will mean the unit will count as having 8 psykers for purposes of determining their psychic strength.

I wanted to keep the Overseer stylistically connected to the unit but as he isn't a psyker himself I decided that he shouldn't wear the standard green of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica. Instead I gave him a leather coat based on the tips that Ron posted over at From The Warp. I did attempt to paint the symbol of the Astra Telepathica on his back banner, though I'm not sure that it 'pops' enough against the green background.

With these, and the King Russ tanks from the last challenge, I really feel like I made some good headway on the army. I'd updated the painting chart and was pleased to see that at this point all the Elites are complete! Once I finish off the Techpriests and servitors, the HQ will be finalized as well, so I think I'll be attacking them next...

Getting closer and closer to finishing off the army. ...Of course right about here is where I start thinking "Hmm, what if I replaced this with that, and maybe add a couple of these?" I'm doing my best to resist such urges however!


  1. Very nice mate, it's good to add a bit of character to an army.

  2. Good stuff! Very original, I love it!


  3. Thanks folks! I had a lot of fun painting them - it's nice to take a break from the hordes of Troops and focus on some models with a bit more personality for a while!

  4. Indeed, a very good looking squad! This is a hard unit to make, due to the lack of models, and you've really made a great job of it!