Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hypaspist (Tech-Guard) test models, part 1

While I was pulling out the models that I plan to get painted this month, my eye fell upon the package that I'd gotten from Pig Iron a couple days back. I'd been gathering bits to make a few squads of Hypaspists (Tech-Guard) for the Adeptus Mechanicus army, and spent a little time last night making a couple test models.

I'm using a mix of High Elf Archer legs, Cadian torso and arms, some plasticard and Pig Iron Kolony Ferals heads. I'm trying to keep the conversions simple and repeatable, using as many commonly found bits as I can, as my greenstuff skills are relegated primarily to the gap-filling persuasion. Nevertheless I'm going to try my hand at sculpting some scalloped pauldrons over the top of the armor on the shoulders, and perhaps some elbow armor plates. The power pack is made from a Vox Caster that has had a bunch of the bits shaved off and repurposed - for example, the muzzle of the hellgun is the cut-down aerial from the Vox pack, which I think makes the weapon look a touch more "tech-y".


For the tribune I went with the bionic arm carrying a power sword from the Cadian HQ set, and added a leftover servo arm from a spare FW techpriest. I'm liking the models look so far, I'd initially thought about replacing the boots on the High Elf legs with ones from the Cadian legs, but decided that I rather liked the look of the original feet, not to mention going that route would mean that several of the legs that come with the High Elf Archer sprues would require more greenstuff sculpting than my meager skills allow. Seeing as I need to build 36 of these guys, I'm trying to keep the conversions as simple as possible!


  1. Very interesting figure. Pig Iron are a gift. I have been using their feral heads on my renegades and their system heads for my arbites.

  2. Indeed - I definitely plan on utilizing more of their alternate heads in the future. I really liked the System Trooper heads you'd used for the Arbites, they look great!

  3. like it. simplicity with a good idea behind is the best goal to achieve
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  4. Those are great! The servoarm snaking out from under the cloak is whicked cool. Will you be keeping the "pointy-toes" on the boots or giving them a bob? I made some orgryn breserker from fantasy orges and wasn't grazy about what I called the "King and I" shoes. So I used a small ball of green stuff to make them look like they had metal protective caps on the toes and heels. But then again I have only 5 to make and you have whole squads so that may not be practical.
    Anyways great project and will look forward to seeing more.

  5. Thanks folks!

    @ Mike - Absolutely, when it comes to doing a large number of repeated conversions, the K.I.S.S. principle is crucial!

    @ CyborgTrucker - "King and I" shoes, hah! A perfect description! I agree they need something, and I really like what you did for your Ogryns. I'm going to have to give that a shot on the test models and see if I can pull it off. Even if the toe-and-heel caps end up being a bit clunky looking (due to my level sculpting skills), it would still be easier and faster than trying to do the boot swaps. ...Not to mention that by the time I get done with sculpting at least 24 models, I'll probably have it down to a science. :)

  6. Ok so to make it easier when scultping it I find it helps to roll the G.S. into "crescent roll" shapes. Besides clunky is good when it comes to A.M. boots. Good luck with the project.

  7. These look great. Really full of character, great conversions. Looking forward to seeing them progress! :)

  8. Love the tech arm and the muzzle of the las gun. Nice job. Do you have 24 vox sets?!

  9. Oh my yes, if there's one thing I have it's voxcasters. Years and years of playing guard means there's a whole bin full of 'em in the Closet of Doom, which is part of the reason I went that route with the conversion - I needed to find SOME use for all of them! :)