Monday, January 11, 2010

TOEMP #10 - Scoundrels and Wyrds... Part 1

So I've spent enough time messing about with the Ad-Mech and I figure it's past time for me to work on the Guard again. The next TOEMP challenge gives me an opportunity to fill in some holes in the HQ and Elites squads - as I won't have much time to paint before the deadline this time, I settled on keeping it small and simple:

First up will be Dunno's Dead-eyes, the Ratling sniper squad attached to the Mordian 7th. Their efficacy in battle is suspect, but I like the models - when in doubt I rely on the Rule of Cool every time! I'm going to take a whack at camo fatigues on these little gits based on some of the fantastic camo examples out there.


Following that will be the last three models for the Psyker detachment of the army. The far right model will represent Morrin Dannel, the Sanctioned Psyker that appears on the original list. The far left model and the Overseer in the middle will finish off the PBS and will include an example or two from each era of the GW Psyker ranges. Working in concert with Dunno's Dead-eyes, one would imagine that the natural combo would be the LD-reducing Weaken Resolve power followed by shots from the snipers. Of course, it never quite works out that way on the tabletop...

Finally, to keep all these shady characters in check - the repaired and partially re-painted Commissar Lord to represent Fidel Arden. Still a bit more to do on this model, but it should go fairly quickly - the nice thing is all of the sculpts are very characterful, and they should be a lot of fun to paint!

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