Wednesday, January 6, 2010

TOEMP #9 - Heavy Metal, part 4

I managed to get the King Russ tanks painted up, but the weather is so cold I'm unable to seal them and add the water slide transfers:

Vanquisher and Battlecannon turrets - The Vanquisher is the must-have variant for me. It definitely makes my marine opponents sweat!

Punisher cannon and Heavy Bolter sponsons for maximum horde-killing!

Executioner and Plasma Sponsons - All of the turrets are swappable, and along with the alternate sponson weapons, I will be able to arm the tank in all sorts of combinations. The one thing I really like about the new Leman Russ kit is the swappable weapons. Definitely nice for flexibility!

I've been gathering bits to build an Ordinatus Minoris for the Adeptus Mechanicus, and the newest addition is a set of interesting-looking tracks. I'm still working on how I want it to look, the intent is to make a gantry section in the back using some Necromunda bulkheads, but I'm unsure how I want to approach the front section. Many sketches have been made and rejected, though I'm leaning towards using a Chimera kit and a mess of plasticard to extend and bulk out the command section. It's not going to be super-massive like the huge Ordinatus Majoris from the old epic game, but I do want to make it an homage to its style:

This will definitely be a long-term project. I don't want to rush into it, and I'm still gathering appropriate bits. I'm going to focus on the Guard for a while though, there's a lot of little projects left for the Mordian 7th that I need to polish off before I hare off on some monstrosity!


  1. This bad weather is stopping me priming my executioner aswell, so I feel your pain mate.

    Can't wait to see how Ordinatus Minoris turns out.

  2. Great models.
    It is too damn cold here in southern England to work outside so no spraying, sigh.

  3. Please man! I really need to know were you got those models! I love them! Great paintwork by the way, like the shadow grey (?) appearence. =)

    Kind regards

    If you are reading this, please, please send a short email to

    Thanks You!

  4. Yo man,

    What of this!

    I know you are part Ad-mech with the way you roboticly punch out fresh models so this must be finished by now?