Monday, April 20, 2009

The Crimson Fists

Another side project, I have a small Crimson Fists army. I've built it with an eye towards being a fast, hard-hitting assault force - basically everything the guard really isn't. I decided that since I was going to sit down and recreate the original Mordian 7th for 5th edition, I may as well do an homage to my very first army ever as well- the Crimson Fists. I was so taken by the art on the front of the Rogue Trader rulebook and on that first box of beakies that I just had to paint my first army the same way. Granted, at the time they were the very first models I'd ever painted in my entire life, and I shudder to think back at how they turned out. It was horrific, and I'm glad to say that my abilities have improved significantly since those days! Suffice it to say that Testor's paints will always haunt my nightmares...

At the moment the army is just assembled and primered, awaiting the painting table. The only unit that I have painted thus far is the command squad and good ol' Pedro Kantor that I'd done just as a proof-of-concept for the paint scheme (I'll admit it, I mostly just wanted to paint the new Kantor fig):

I decided to take Kantor's equipment theme through the squad, plenty of power fists and storm bolters. I also enjoy adding the occasional bit of humor into my armies, and this squad's plasma gunner is a perfect example. The opposite side of the scroll attached to the gun has a number of hash marks representing the number of times it's successfully fired... His time is no doubt near!

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