Friday, April 24, 2009

If you can't make it good, make it big.

In addition to the upcoming Leviathan, I have another superheavy project in the works. I should probably seek counseling...

What will eventually end up being the centerpiece of the Adeptus Mechanicus Ordo Reductor army that waits in the wings is an Ordinatus Minoris crawler. Significantly smaller than the true Ordinatus superweapons, the Minoris crawler is nevertheless a fearsome war engine. The length of three Leman Russ tanks and sporting several sponson-mounted weapons such as Conversion Beamers and Assault cannons, the Ordinatus Minoris' main armament consists of one of several titan-scaled weapons systems. Cradled within a lattice of supports and attended by numerous tech-priests the main gun is designed to annihilate opposing superheavy vehicles and titans. I felt that it was my duty to try my hand at building one (especially since one of my main opponents is in the process of building a pair of Warhounds), and the rough shape is starting to come together:

The rules and inspiration for this monstrosity in the making comes initially from the old days of Adeptus Titanicus, and more recently from the excellent Cult Mechanicus army list available on the Tempus Fugitives site. I decided on building a Volcano Cannon variant, if only for the simple expedient that I had one left over from building the Stormlord! My plan is to craft the main gun as an homage to the Macro Cannon illustration in the Rogue Trader rulebook. It is not currently attached to the vehicle, merely sitting on the back until such time as I build the superstructure.

The true Ordinatus platforms, while an intriguing project possibility in their own right, would likely be simply TOO big to use on the 8x4 table I have at my disposal. I actually like the idea of the smaller versions, and I'm currently in the process of gathering useful bits to use in the project and experiementing with various ideas. I'm still figuring out how I want to do the superstructure - I'd started with some Cities of Death panels, but felt that the result completely obscured the cannon model and ended up looking fairly bland. I'm now considering using some of the old Necromunda bulkheads which would give plenty of open space to allow a view into the gun carriage and attending tech priests/servitors.

The Adeptus Mechanicus is the next army up on the workbench once I finish the Mordian 7th regiment, so expect to see more of this soon!


  1. Looks great, I think I'd add a bit more supporting structure under the cab, or move the cab back to where the the door is over the flat bed. Right now, it looks like it has no (or little) means of support.

  2. I like the beginnings of your minoris. I started a minoris based on something posted on the Mechanicus Yahoo group a year or two ago about when the baneblade came out. Basically a baneblade with a titan weapon. The weapon looks awesome and I like how you're incorporating the trukks. Couple pics of my minoris can be found here:

    Looking forward to seeing more of your mechanicus army.

  3. your only using a little bit of plasticard and 2 battle wagons not that hard

    if you want to argue email me or check out