Sunday, April 19, 2009

My history with the Mordian 7th Regiment

The Mordian 7th Regiment has a long history, dating back to the Rogue Trader era, when I first started playing 40k. Originally detailed in the 40k Compendium, they were actually named the Mordion 7th, though their background seems to mirror today's Mordian regiments. Though at the time there was only a single style of guardsmen available, the dress blues and formation tactics associated with today's Mordian Iron Guard was many years in the future. The original army group was dressed in fatigues very reminiscent of today's Cadians, and it is this style that I've continued throughout the majority of my armies to this day.

The 7th regiment was part of the Pacification of Flotis III, which was besieged by a large Ork infestation. Included was a full army list for D company, along with a brilliant illustration by Pete Knifton. It was so inspiring that the first guard army I built attempted to follow the order of battle laid down in the book.

I started off playing space marines of course, as it was the first plastic box set released, but from the moment I opened that first box of the original plastic guardsmen, I was hooked. While over the last 15+ years I've played other armies, the Mordian 7th Regiment has always held a special place for me, and I always come back to the Guard.

Though my original D company regiment has long since been sold, every subsequent army I've built has been an homage to them. With the advent of the upcoming new Guard codex for 5th edition, I figured it was time to dust off the old guard models, build some new ones and get Commander Evin Eldro back on the field!

Next up: the current state of the army...

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