Saturday, April 25, 2009

Check out the big brain on Brett!

I managed to finish up a few more models last night - I actually had a good time painting this unit of Psykers - the green/yellow/white paint scheme was a nice change of pace following the grey/red of the rest of the guard army.

I'll be picking up one of the new Primaris Psyker models and after I find the 3rd ed model that will give me an 8-strong psyker battle squad. Should be a pretty fun unit - I was underwhelmed with the psykers in 4th ed., but it sounds as though they may be more useful in the new codex.

5 more miniatures down, 11 to go!


  1. If only Brad had been the character's name and not the actor's.

  2. Heh - you're right. Updated the title - Doh!