Saturday, April 25, 2009

Don't turn around...

A nice lazy Saturday afternoon - chores and laundry, and a little paint spattered about. Finished up the last two commissars:

From what I understand, in the new codex the previous ability of the vox network to extend the leadership of the HQ squads to the rest of the army is no longer available. I figure ten commissars should keep the guardsmen in line...

Just a few crewmen left to go...


  1. Ten?


    Yes, it will. You can assign them straight to infantry squads now...but you can't put them with Platoon HQs anymore. Strange, huh?

    Also, if you care about such things, you may be interested to know that they must now be armed from the same choices as the officer/sergeant whose squad they've joined.

    Great models!

  2. Thanks Drax!

    I always liked the Commissar models - there's a fair representation from several eras in the group. It makes me think about doing an old-school Commissariat training squad!

    I'd heard that the weapon options have become more restrictive, though I'm hoping the power swords and plasma pistols that are so prevalent are still viable options. Of course, it wouldn't be the first time that GW's changed the rules and completely invalidated certain models. Heh.

  3. Wrong. Correction:

    You CAN put commissars with Pl HQs, but not with Coy HQs or (frustratingly) with Veterans.

    Sorry for any confusion.

    And yeah: I was thinking about a Commissariat squad too!

  4. Inconvenient. Apparently only 6 of the ten commissars are viable at the moment. No laspistols or lasguns. I'm always hesitant to re-arm painted models though - hmm. Some of these may be going back in the stripping bucket so I can start anew with them. Curses!