Monday, April 20, 2009

Painting goals...

In addition to showcasing my army, I intend to use this blog as a means to get me to paint more (and if possible, better). To that end, I'll admit I have penchant for having too many concurrent projects at one time. In addition to the Guard army from which this blog takes its name, I'm also in the midst of several other armies - Traitor Guard, Crimson Fists, Adeptus Mechanicus and a smattering of Orks. To be fair, the other projects are all 1500ish point 'boutique' armies, small when compared to the 5000 point sledgehammer of the glorious 7th...

While it does tend to slow down the progress on my guard, I like having a couple projects going for when I just get sick of painting 'em. In future posts I'll likely detail these pet projects, but for the short term I've decided to buckle down and finish the guard I have left in the next two weeks before the release of the new codex and box sets.

I need to finish the following:

2 Wyvern Pattern Command Chimeras (armor and track colors done)
5 Guardsmen - Medusa Crew (primered)
1 King Russ Executioner (armor and track colors done)
1 Macharius (armor and track colors done)
1 Stormlord (primered)

Overall, I think polishing that off before May 2nd is a fairly realistic goal. It's supposed to be beautiful this week - prime weather for sealing miniatures so I plan on taking advantage. Off to paint - pictures to follow!

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