Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pegasus Heavy Transporter


As is usually the case, I have a hard time staying on task when it comes to the 40k hobby. After reading about the new Planetstrike rumors on BoLS, I thought I'd take a first pass at a super-heavy transport flyer capable of deploying a large number of guardsmen, or a super-heavy vehicle.

Inspired by the most excellent project at Tunnels and Trolls here, a few months back I picked up a pair of GI Joe "Dragonhawk" models from eBay for use as the basis for the transport. I don't have the resincasting capabilities that the fellow that runs that site does, so I decided to content myself with a slightly less grandiose conversion.

I started off with a fairly simple command deck, the scale of the Dragonhawk is about twice that of 40k, so a two man command crew take the place of the original pilot.

I added a pair of twin-linked Lascannons and a pair of heavy bolters, installed the command deck, masked off the cockpit windows and gave it a hit of primer.

I didn't have good light by the time I finished painting the Pegasus, I'll get better pictures taken in the next day or so. The model includes a magnet harness on the bottom to allow it to attach various cargo containers. My next associated project will be to build a drop cannister designed to ferry a platoon of infantry to the battlefield.

Again, not the best of light. For some reason the windows look sort of smoky, but they are actually perfectly transparent.

The Pegasus is also of sufficient size to transport a superheavy vehicle. My opponents suggest however that a deep-striking Stormlord might be considered just a wee bit cheesy. Can't say I can argue with that!

At the moment I don't have any sort of rules designed for the transport. For ease of gameplay I may simply count it as a proxy Thunderhawk Transporter, and will likely base the upcoming homebrew rules upon the Thunderhawk as a starting point.


  1. That is pretty sharp. I'll have to go check that link to Tanks and Trolls too!

  2. The one over at T&T is definitely a superior effort. I really need to look into home resin casting techniques!

    All in all this was a very inexpensive conversion project. I picked up a pair of the Dragonhawk toys to use as the basis for this off eBay for $10 apiece. Not too bad, and I could afford to test-build one and save the other for the next try where i hope to do more interesting converting (adding turrets, fully integrated transport section, etc.).

  3. if you were selling this what price would you do it for cos ive got 20 super heavys in my allied armys (spacemarines and imperial guard). and the craft is cool and this is what my friend says its BADASS! ive made a book about it in my school called the seige of orestes fortress city and a drawing booklet on how to draw your transport

  4. Thanks very much - it was quite fun to build! Unfortunately it's been sold already, it went up on eBay quite some time ago. It actually sold for surprisingly large amount (at least I was surprised), although shipping it turned out to be quite difficult and expensive as it was really big and hard to pack. One of these days I'll build another one, but it's low on the to-do list I'm afraid...

  5. i thought it was a good idia so i have done 1 for my blood angels army