Friday, April 24, 2009

Fear me, but follow!

A title like that can only mean one thing - Commissars.

Rooting around in my shelves I realized that in addition to the five commissars I had in regular play with the army, a further 5 were just waiting to see a paintbrush. Three of them were virtually complete, and just required a color or two and a shot of sealant:

Lurking further back in the shelves I found two more. They're everywhere! As I was losing the light, I just snapped a quick picture in process:

Just to keep the balance, I also dug out all my old psyker figs to give the commissars something to shoot at. I rarely took more than a single psyker in the 4th ed. rules (if that) though I always liked the figures - With the advent of the new Psyker battle squad, I figured it was time to give old Morrin Dannel a little backup. Just a quich shot of the group in progress:

I'm missing the 3rd edition Primaris Psyker model (though it's on a shelf around here somewhere), but other than that there's a representative model from every wave of psyker figs since 1st edition. I'm going to paint all of them in a matching color scheme to the one on the far left - Green cloaks (the color of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica), white trousers and shirts and yellow accents. That should tie all the disparate model styles into one cohesive-looking unit.

After these models are complete I'll turn my attentions to the 5-man Medusa siege gun crew and the 4 meltagunners. In the home stretch now!

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  1. I am in the same boat with the psykers. I have dug through my bits boxes and rounded up all my sanctioned psykers, old and new. I have cleaned them up and have them reprimed and waiting in the painting que. I have also looked through my genestealer cult hybrids. I am contemplating fielding them as sanctioned psykers. If I field the hybrids it would give me 3 full squads of psykers.
    I also have a bunch of the old rogue trader commisars somewhere I just have to find them. I think I am going to need them soon.