Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ordnance ready to fire!

I was so very close to having a fully painted army - the new box sets arrived a couple days earlier than I thought, so I'm back to having a bunch of unbuilt, unpainted stuff waiting in the wings. Nevertheless, I managed to get the crew for the Medusa Siege Gun finished up last night:

At this point all I had left was four melta-gunners, but I think I'm going to hold off on painting them until I have a chance to go through the new codex and figure out where they're best suited. From a cursory inspection I think I'll be able to come up with a fair analogue for more or less every unit I plan to build for the Mordian 7th Regiment. It appears that with some finessing I may be able to proxy the beastman attack squads after all!


  1. Nice job on the painting! As for the meltas, vet or command squad would be your best bets. Of course, line squads with a melta a piece make tanks frightened as well...

  2. Thanks!

    It looks like once I add in the company and platoon banners (my old units didn't have them), I'll just have one melta in each command squad. That frees up a couple figs for other uses, which will likely be in the Veteran squads...

  3. The beastmen squads would prbably fit in as Penal Squads... though they are quite a random element.

    I love the guy with the shell on his base.

  4. That's what I settled on as well. In order to keep them in line with the original list, I have decided that the Beastman squads would always have the 'knife fighters' skill, in exchange for which they lose their lasrifles. Seems to be an equitable solution...