Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A breath of (not so) fresh air

I have way too many projects and not enough shelf space, which means I need to either finish some project or build more shelves... There's a shelf of Orks behind my painting desk that have been waiting for a brush for six months, and I think that before I start painting up the new guard models I ought to finish them off. There's not a lot left, and several units are well underway:

A modified mega-armored boss on a Kustom Gyrostabilized Monowheel and his pack of mega nobs are about 75% complete, and the ork flesh and metal on the Deffkoptas has been done.

On the other hand, there's a 12-strong Burna Boyz Mob and 10 grot assistants that haven't made it past the primer stage. The grots should be fun to paint though - they're all different models, and some of them are downright amusing.

Lastly are a pair of Big Meks and a Weirdboy. I definitely like these particular ork sculpts - they're a great homage to the slightly off-kilter orks of editions past but still have that sense of mass and aggression that typifies GWs current direction for the Ork fluff.

Shouldn't be too bad, I expect to get some decent painting time this coming weekend (for a change) to work on them. After all, once they're done and out the door, it will free up the shelf space for more of the glorious 7th!

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