Saturday, May 2, 2009

New builds for the Mordian 7th Regiment

A rainy saturday today - got a chance to fiddle around with some of the new sprues while I waited for the rain to stop.

I wanted to re-work the command squads to take advantage of the new box set's bits. I found one of the 1st edition commander torsos, so Evin Eldro ended up being a pastiche of old and new - appropriate for the army I thought. I love the new banner bearers that come with the command box as well - had to add one of those to the squad.

In addition to the upcoming advisors, the command squad is also allowed a pair of bodyguards who act as ablative wounds for the commander. I really enjoyed the fact that they brought back the "look out sir, aaargh!" rule.

As the bodyguards are there to take a hit for the commander, I figured it would be appropriate to model one of the bodyguards as he's being shot. Had some fun with this model, there's a grenade falling from his fingers, with the pin pulled and ready to explode. Though you can't really see it in this picture, his helmet is flying off as well.

Redid the 1st platoon HQ squad as well, adding a new officer, another of the new banner bearers, and adding a melta gunner in place of the old grenade launchers.

The new 4th platoon HQ squad will accompany the beastman attack sqads. I'm considering adding a sniper to the unit, but may swap it out for a melta-gunner instead.

Did up a couple test figs for the beastmen attack squads, just experimenting on a paint scheme before I build two full squads. They will use the Penal Battalion rules, proxying for units with the 'knife fighters' special rule, and foregoing their lasrifles - the original beastmen squads were armed with two close combat weapons, so that seems to be the best option.

Lastly, I used some bits from the command box as well as a few bits from the flagellant box to make up an Overseer fig for the Psyker Battle Squad. I plan on painting up his back banner with the symbol from the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, to allow the commanders to easily pick out the unit on the battlefield:

All in all, a fun day of gluing my fingers together! Tons more to build yet, I'm trying to decide if I should just paint what I've built so far, or just go to town and build out the rest of the units I have planned...


  1. Pretty sweet looking models; I can't wait to pick mine up tomorrow and see all of the wonderful bits inside...

  2. Thanks!

    I am really impressed with the cadian command squad box. There are some great bits in there and you can really make some striking models from the set. I'm planning on picking up at least another box if not two. Maybe even one of the catachan sets - looks like there's some interesting parts there that could be incorporated into the cadian style (Though regrettably not the arms).

  3. Love that bodyguard getting slotted!

  4. Thanks Drax! It was a fun model to build - I enjoy adding the occasional 'cinematic' model into the army. Seemed an appropriate build for the bodyguard rules as well...