Monday, May 4, 2009

Red ones do, in point of fact, "go fasta".

No real progress will be done on the guard this week I'm afraid - Real Life(tm) will be keeping me very busy. Nevertheless, I thought I'd share one of my favorite conversions from my most recent Ork army (after all, the Mordian 7th was suppressing an Ork uprising on Flotis III). Again drawing on the most excellent codexes created by the fine folks over at Tempus Fugitives, I decided to build a Mekboy Dragsta. The Damocles Gulf Crusade campaign pack for the Orks has several Dragsta options from the old Epic versions, including the Lifta Droppa and Bubblechukka, but I decided to go with the 'vanilla' version with twin-linked Kustom Megablastas.

Roughly 90% of the conversion is comprised of bits from the Ork Trukk sprue. There were a few random parts from my bits box to create the Kustom Force Field generator, but any good mekboy surely has some appropriate gubbinz to make their own 'speshul vershun". I started by center-mounting the drivers seat at the down-sloping section of the frame, stuck the engine on behind him and used a couple of the side armor plates to form the bonnet.

The armored sidewalls from the bed of the Trukk formed the sides of the cockpit, and some CoD bits, a couple lengths of plastic tubing, and some whirly bits formed the rest of the engine and the Kustom Force Field. Parts from the front grill from the Trukk made up the front spoiler, and I added a skull from an ork biker for a little decoration.

Any speedsta worth its name should have stonking great rokkits sticking out the back, as far as I'm concerned.

The Kustom Megablastas are from an old box of "space rangers" I picked up eons ago. The heavy weapons from that set find their way into a number of my ork and adeptus mechanicus armies.

All in all a fun model both to build and field on the tabletop, it was the subject of many an amusing mishap as the mekboy driver careened about the battlefield!


  1. Very gud kustom job there. Luv da whirly-zap enjun thingybobs an da stonkin big rokkits. (Quality)

  2. Wow! That thing is crazy.

  3. ya, i know this is an old post of yours, but i was inspired enough by your dragsta to make one of my own:'s/WipsSept29/orkbuggywip.JPG
    probably not going to add the whirly-ma-gigs, but rokkit boostas will be a must

    (probably going to use it as a buggy in-game,a friend already borrowed it to use it as one lasta few days ago)

  4. Awesome! I was surprised how easily it all fit together, I really dig your conversion - can't wait to see it completed!