Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No worries, boss - we'll make it Orky.

I've managed to get the Ork flesh done on the burna boyz and the grots, hopefully I can knock them both out this coming weekend. As I haven't anything exciting and new to take pictures of however, I thought I'd post a few more pictures from good ol' Waaagh Nazdakka.

When I'd originally started the army, the first wave of new Orks had just hit the shelves, and I'd been trawling the 'tubes for Orky ideas when I stumbled upon the Ruzzbot conversions others have done. Acting as a proxy looted wagon, the basis for the conversion was a Leman Russ kit plus a few bits from a Defiler I had laying around.

The main body is simply the Russ hull flipped forward 90 degrees. The head is made up from the Leman Russ turret sawn in half (with the two pieces stacked on top of one another) with a searchlight, a vent and some plasticard making the eyes and a strip of spiky bits from the Trukk sprue form the teeth. The right arm is made from one of the Russ side sponsons and a pair of big shootas I had left over from the innumerable Ork sprues. The left arm is made from a Defiler claw; in-game I used it as a proxy wrecking ball/grabbin' claw combo.

This was primarily a 'proof of concept' model - the nice thing about Ork conversions is you can really just jump in and kitbash to your heart's content without too much regard for whether the parts match up exactly. Bung on some armor plates and some rivets to cover any gaps and they generally turn out looking as ramshackle and prone to malfunction as one would expect an Ork vehicle to be. Nevertheless there are a number of things I'd do differently if I was to build another one - double-width tracks for certain, and I'd do more to bulk out the rear of the Ruzzbot and give it a more interesting-looking engine. All in all though, quite a fun conversion project.

Of course, I just couldn't leave well enough alone and had to build a proxy battlewagon version out of a land raider, dubbed the 'Raidabot'. The thing ended up being quite massive, just like Warboss Nazdakka ordered!


  1. Brilliantly orky - far more so than carbon-copy plastic kits!

  2. Thanks Drax! One of the things that drew me to the Orks was the opportunity to do all sorts of conversions, and these mini-gargants were definitely a blast to build!

  3. Wow they're quite awesome. Very Orky, I do love the conversion possibilities with Orks, as you say a couple of armour plates banged on can hide a multitude of sins and adds to the character. Love the painting on them as well. Brilliant stuff, looks like they were a lot of fun!

  4. Very Orky. Good job, but that boomgun is in a very awkward position, lol.

  5. Do you mind if i use this image for an encounter for my Only War game?