Saturday, May 30, 2009

Da Brain Boyz, stage 1 - The Herald of Mork (or Gork)

A bit more progress this morning - brought the four character figs up to an equivalent completion level with the yellow/green/metal all more or less finished. At this point I plan to paint them to completion individually, since they're all radically different miniatures. I decided I'd polish off the Weirdboy first:

I went with the old codex idea of the copper staff and chains which the Warboss uses to keep the Weirdboy 'grounded' when he's not in combat. I really like this sculpt, the various grot minders being tossed about while desperately hanging on to the chains are quite amusing. As usual, once I take it out to seal it, I notice one or more details I've missed - in this case I need to go back and put some black flames along the back of his cloak, but other than that he's complete.

One (more or less) down, three to go!

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