Sunday, May 31, 2009

Da Brain Boyz, stage 2 - Still time to operate!

I had a couple hours this morning to paint, so I decided to tackle the smallest of the three remaining characters - the Painboy.

I've always enjoyed the rather haphazard and experimental methods the Orks use in virtually every facet of their everyday lives - medicine and surgery as much as anything, and I think this particular sculpt captures that feel brilliantly. It is by far my favorite painboy sculpt of all the editions.

I had to include the two gretchin assistants in his retinue - in the old books, Painboys would vie with one another for casualties on the battlefield as grist for their experiments as much as they did for more benevolent purposes. They would send gretchin with marker flags out on to the battlefield to assess the wounded - The occasional firefight would break out between rival gretchin assistants over the particularly useful specimens, naturally.

Just the two Big Meks left at this point - One with the ever-popular Shokk Attack Gun, and one with a Kustom Force Field. I'm seriously itching to get back to the Guard, but I really needed to get these Orks finished to free up some shelf space!

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